Sometimes it’s cereal or a bag of tator tots, but as a father of two and husband to one I like to try and get the best food on the table for my family. This is my story of that from times that it works well and we have a delicious meal fit for a 5-star restaurant to the nights we have epic fails and I need to share with anyone that will listen.

Stir Fry

For years Trephaena and I have been wanting to be able to make our own stir fry. We love going to places (and always will) but being able to make our own just seems like something we should be able to figure out. One of the reasons, as usual, is to be able to control […]

Bagel Chips

I always see big piles of bagels at work after a generous co-worker (or more likely one of the contractor agency people that try to get business from us) and hate to see them go to waste. Also, I like bagel chips and I like to make food for my family. So I’m logging my […]

Why We Make So Much of Our Food

I have a few hobbies — maybe too many — and so does my wife which gets us into a lot of trouble with the daily upkeep of the house. Dishes piled up, vacuuming always on the overdue task list, never seem caught up on laundry, the list could go on. We frequently discuss with […]