These are my thoughts from my perspective as a self-taught small guy in the web development arena. They most likely aren’t new or profound or remarkable in any way but they are still my thoughts and they’re important to me to share.

Getting Your Foot in the Door

Author’s note: this post was in my drafts for about a year and I just never got back to it. Now things have changed, I got a FE position within my current employer mostly using CodePen and their little test to prove I could do it. The issue is still a real one that I […]

Using Grunt CLI to Control PHP and SCSS

I’ve been working on a framework (good marketing term, right) for one of my teams at work for a while now and have been using Grunt to keep things in order. This framework is intended to be used on our internal “admin” forms that are used by our Business Analysts to configure our programs. One […]

Rubber Stamper for the 21st Century

There is something satisfying about the old-school rubber stamp for marking a document. In the world of the web we just don’t have much of a need for paper anymore and the rubber stamp is dying as a result. Some co-workers and I had discussed this situation and decided we need to be able to […]

My Website Full of Firsts

This website marked a lot of firsts for me in life and in my development career. Probably more than I just try to jam into one post but I’ve never been one for sound judgement so here it is in all it’s glory. Enjoy!